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Targeted advertising campaigns Solutions based on your needs. We do everything ourselves You get a special customer service manager Regular reporting and communication No contracts - our services are provided monthly Facebook has more than 3 billion users, and most of them are on Facebook every day, and many of them are on it several times a day and for hours a day. This is where your customers (and prospective customers) are, and you can target them through the Facebook ZD advertising management service. How it works: Advertising on Facebook or Instagram is a very effective way to promote your business. With detailed targeting, we determine which users are most likely to become your customers, and we advertise just for them. With advertising on Facebook and Instagram, there are endless opportunities to reach any audience you want - there is literally every demographic group. This allows you to convey your message to exactly the audience you want to reach. We create and manage all elements of your advertising campaign on Facebook or Instagram. We have a solution for you, whether your goal is to drive traffic to your address or increase online sales. Our digital advertising management service is designed to attract new customers with the least investment. Our team does everything - we help you set up your accounts, create ads and ads, select your target audience and all the other details you need to get the most out of it. In addition, we constantly monitor and optimize your campaign to improve your results and maximize your return on investment. One of the best advertising features on Facebook and Instagram is retargeting (also known as remarketing). Here's how it works: Facebook can track who visits your website (and Facebook page), and gives you the ability to later advertise to that particular audience. You've probably felt it yourself - you visit a website and the next day you see an ad for that company on your Facebook feed. This is one of the best features of digital advertising available to you right now! We offer a personalized approach through personalized research, advertising campaign development and continuous management to target your ideal audience. We work within a pre-established budget. Our Facebook / Instagram advertising management in 4 steps:

  • Planning and settings. This includes creating a campaign strategy, performing demographic analysis, creating a Facebook Ad Manager account, and setting up a Facebook tracking pixel.
  • Creating advertising. These steps include creating suggestions, writing ad text, choosing photos or videos to increase clicks and conversions.
  • Monitoring and optimization. We constantly monitor your results to optimize your advertising and maximize your results through continuous audience development (target demographic) and ongoing A / B testing.
  • Constant improvement. We continue to refine and refine your advertising campaign, using benchmarks and new test teams, launching new ads, and offering data-based improvements.

Frequently asked questions about advertising on Facebook / Instagram: Who is best suited to your Facebook advertising management services? Professional digital advertising management should be used by any company that does not have its own expert. How much does it cost? It takes a lot of time to get to know your business and create ads and landing pages, so a one-time fee is charged for all settings. After that, we charge a small monthly management fee, and the actual cost of advertising is paid directly on Facebook or Instagram. What does the installation fee cover? Our setup fee covers everything you need to run your ads, including: Make an initial call to learn about your business, products, competitors and ideal customers. Evaluation of available marketing materials. Set up Facebook Business Manager and Ad Manager accounts. Set up a Facebook pixel and install it on a website. Creating a unique sales offer, initial advertising message and creative. Landing page development and creation. What is a Facebook pixel? This is a piece of code that is hosted on your website and allows us to measure and optimize your campaign. When a user visits your website and makes a purchase or submits a form, Pixel tracks these actions. Do you follow comments on my Facebook ads? We do not track comments, but you will receive notifications from Facebook or Instagram when you receive comments. Let us help you with your advertising on Facebook or INSTAGRAM! Sign up for a free strategic call with a specialist today: (067) 9721515 โคน Or fill out the form

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