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Using video as a background on the website
In this article, we'll explore the benefits of using video backgrounds on websites, as well as some best practices for implementing them.
23.02.2023 11:09
Ecommerce website development process
Are you considering building an e-commerce website? Learn the key steps in the development process: define goals, choose a platform, design and develop, add products, test, launch, and maintain. Ensure your website is user-friendly, secure, and optimized for mobile devices. Monitor analytics and update regularly to stay competitive.
08.03.2023 11:16
Reasons for advertising in Google Ads
Unlock Your Business's Potential: Discover the Benefits of Advertising with Google Ads Today!
30.06.2021 10:49
Why do you need to advertise in Meta (formerly Facebook)
Advertising in Meta
29.09.2021 10:59
Why do you need a website?
Online Presence is Key: Discover Why a Website is Vital for Your Business Success!
27.03.2021 10:38
The Foundation of Success: Research and Planning for Your Online Store
Uncover the essentials of a thriving online store in our latest guide. Explore the crucial first step: research and planning. From defining your niche to crafting a strategic business plan, discover the key to informed decision-making and efficient resource allocation. Ready to elevate your online business? Stay tuned for our next guide on choosing the perfect ecommerce platform
31.07.2023 11:09
The Top 10 Common Website Types You Need to Know
Looking to understand the various types of websites available online? Look no further. In this article, we explore the ten most common types of websites, from e-commerce to personal websites. Discover their unique purposes and designs, and find the perfect website for your needs. From shopping to learning, news to personal branding, there's a website out there for everyone. So, join us as we take a closer look at the digital world of websites.
29.03.2023 14:19
Implementation of the CRM system - stages
Stages of CRM implementation in the company - an article describing the main steps for the successful implementation of a CRM system. We consider the stages of needs analysis, selection and configuration of the CRM system, personnel training, testing and implementation in practice, evaluation of results and support.
03.05.2023 12:50
Website Development Dos and Don'ts: Common Mistakes to Avoid
We will explore the crucial aspects of developing a website and provide valuable insights on avoiding common pitfalls. From poor navigation and slow loading speed to the lack of mobile optimization and weak SEO integration, we will discuss the mistakes that can hinder the success of your website.
19.05.2023 11:45
How to Create an Online Store: Step-by-Step
Ready to take your business to the next level? Discover the art of building a successful online store with our comprehensive step-by-step guide. From choosing the perfect ecommerce platform to optimizing for search engines, we've got you covered. Unlock the potential of your brand with our expert insights and create an online store that captivates customers and boosts sales.
22.07.2023 13:47
04.10.2023 11:40
Choosing the Right E-commerce Platform: The Blueprint for Your Online Success
Craft a successful online store with our guide on choosing the right e-commerce platform. From Shopify's simplicity to Magento's robust features, discover key aspects like user-friendliness and SEO capabilities. Explore the unique offering of Svit.One, blending Magento's flexibility with BigCommerce's comprehensiveness. Elevate your online venture and stay tuned for our next guide on designing a compelling website for ultimate success.
29.08.2023 12:23
Maximizing Business Opportunities with a Well-Organized CRM Funnel
This article highlights the importance of a well-organized CRM funnel for enhancing business opportunities, as exemplified by Zona Digital. It covers the funnel stages from lead capture to closing, emphasizing customization, digital integration, and data analysis. The piece stresses how effective CRM management can improve sales, customer engagement, and operational efficiency.
22.09.2023 09:43
How to make websites
Strategy and tactics to consider
27.12.2021 11:09
SEO and / or content marketing
In this article, we will explore the relationship between SEO and content marketing, as well as some best practices for implementing these strategies effectively.
04.01.2022 12:15
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