Reasons for advertising in Google Ads

Unlike many popular marketing tactics in the digital world, advertising is not free. You can post on social networks, create a brand and communicate with people who influence potential customers without spending a penny (but time, which is known - money). You can write new content and drive regular search traffic without even removing your credit card or paying large bills. You can create new YouTube videos and create a hyperlinked audience for free.

But you always have to pay for advertising. And money can be lost in just a few days or weeks.

However, while this is a risk to both your time and money, Google Ads is worth it.

Here are the main reasons why you should advertise on Google.

Reason №1. Google is the most popular search network and provides a high average return on investment

Google dominates almost every aspect of the online world. Even in everyday life, it is almost impossible to live a single day without saying (or not hearing someone say) "just on Google". When it comes to other search engines, they are simply not comparable in terms of number of users and favorite success.

According to Net MarketShare, Google dominates the search engine market with more than 72% of users worldwide. This is by far the most common search engine on the market, dominating competitors such as Bing and Yahoo. And when it comes to advertising, if you're not a big corporation that sells products that anyone will like, you need a platform that reaches even the most segmented and specific audience. Nothing compares to Google when it comes to this.

Google is not only great for reaching your target audience and a wide range of demographics, but also great for getting a high return on your investment. According to Google research and its economic impact report, advertisers on the platform will earn an average of $ 2 for every dollar spent. This doubles your investment on average.

Reason №2. Google Ads has a variety of advertising options to suit any business model and goal

Thanks to the various functions of Google, any business in any industry can succeed. Want to use text ads in Google search results? No problem. You can run ads on the search network in seconds. Want to show your local business on Google Maps? You can also do this easily. Can you create videos that showcase your business? Advertise with Google on YouTube:

The options are almost endless. You can run campaigns using:

GmailYouTubeGoogle Search ResultsAffiliate WebsitesDownload Mobile AppsCall Call Only

… and more.

With remarketing, you can bring back people who didn't buy from you the first time. For example, if they click on your ad but don't buy or fill out a form, you can easily launch a new campaign targeting those specific users.

In short, Google Ads can be successful for any type of business.

Reason №3. Google Ads delivers fast sales with less work

Social networks require you to start from scratch. No subscribers, no share, no likes or retweets. It is extremely difficult to increase the number of subscribers on social networks and establish active and consistent interaction. If you no longer have subscribers or a very popular site, it takes months, if not years, to create social inclusion.

Similarly, SEO is not a one-night hack or some random hint of growth. This is a marketing tactic that takes months to implement. You need to find keywords, create content, optimize your entire site and everything you will do in the future. Even then, you are competing with thousands of other companies for the same keyword. Your content should be top notch, have lots of links and backlinks, and be constantly updated. And only after you do it, you can expect noticeable results, perhaps in six months or a year. The bottom line is that most digital marketing tactics do not succeed overnight.

But there is one giant exception: pay-per-click marketing with Google Ads. In minutes, you can run a Google Ads campaign and generate real sales. With Google Ads, sales can come instantly when a campaign starts.

How? Because of the intentions of the seekers. How do intentions work in Google Ads?

In essence, a searcher's intent can be determined by researching keywords. For example, if someone is looking for "how to choose a phone", he is probably not ready to buy, right? This keyword indicates that he wants to compare products, not buy them.

But "5G phone" is a key phrase with a more precise purpose, which indicates that the potential customer is close to buying. This search phrase indicates that the user has done their research. He knows what he wants.

And according to recent research, keywords with the exact ultimate intent are almost always driven by clicks on ads, rather than the usual search! This means that targeting your SEO strategy to keywords that do not involve buying will not work.

This requires Google Ads. With keyword bidding in Google Ads, you know which keywords will drive near-instant sales.

With SEO, you need to create a funnel to account for the buyer's path. You need to plan the content, keywords and ice magnets to guide them down the funnel and "warm up" them to become customers.

But with Google Ads, you can benefit from searches that are already low in the funnel. For example: a plumber next to me. You can be sure that a person looking for a plumber needs it as soon as possible. Your Ad Rank of №1 ensures that you are the first to attract the attention of a potential buyer, and you are likely to make a sale without even talking to them before. This is the power of intent in Google Ads.

All you need is advertising and a high quality landing page to increase sales. It's a lot less work than creating content and planning an SEO strategy.

According to research, content marketing publications that promote organic traffic should contain about 2,000 words to get first place. This means that your standard 2,000-word blog post, which needs to be ranked on the first page, will take you six hours to write. And just because you write content doesn't mean you take first place. Everyone writes content. Millions of posts are published daily. You also need social resources, backlinks and more. All this is terribly difficult to obtain.

Bottom line: PPC in Google Ads can generate sales much faster than SEO. While both strategies are great, SEO takes more time.

Want a quick sale? It's time to use Google Ads.

30.06.2021 18:09
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