Our websites can start at $500. The cost is determined by the number of pages, the amount of design work and the number of features you want to implement. The initial call allows us to assess whether we are suitable for each other. We will discuss your goals, answer your questions and provide you with an individual price. Call or send a message to 716 800 15 15 to talk to a web designer and get a free estimate in advance, or fill out the form below and we will contact you to arrange a free consultation.

Technical plan

from 120 USD per year


Standart template

Continuous improvement of usability
Failure prevention, error correction, monitoring of stable operation
Correction and improvement of program code
Standard plan
from 240 USD for a year

Everything in Technical plan plus

Regular updating of content (text, news, media)
4 shifts per month
Search engine optimization for maximum indexing by search engines
Intensive plan
from 480 USD for a year
Everything in the standard plus
Facebook conversion API, Google Ads integration
Technology updates
8 shifts per month
Website development, creation of new sections and modules, design improvement
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website development

advanced CMS



email automation

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