NGO Community Self-Help Website with E-commerce Functionality

Our agency embarked on a multifaceted project involving the development of a website for a non-governmental organization (NGO). This comprehensive initiative included the integration of a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, email marketing capabilities, payment system integration, and seamless connections with marketing and advertising platforms. Subsequently, e-commerce functionality was adopted to facilitate the sale of merchandise, further supporting the NGO's mission.

Website Development:

Collaborated closely with the NGO to understand their goals and objectives for the website.

Designed an intuitive and user-friendly interface to foster community engagement and self-help resources.

Implemented responsive web design to ensure accessibility across various devices and screen sizes.

Key Features:

CRM Integration: Integrated a robust CRM system that empowered the NGO to manage community interactions, track engagement, and enhance communication with members and supporters.

Email Marketing: Developed and implemented an email marketing system to facilitate targeted communication and outreach to the NGO's community members and donors.

Payment System Integration: Integrated secure payment processing systems to enable online donations and financial transactions that support the NGO's initiatives.

Marketing and Advertising Integration: Established connections with marketing and advertising platforms to expand the NGO's reach and drive community involvement and support.

E-commerce Functionality:

Later in the project, e-commerce functionality was introduced to enable the sale of merchandise, generating additional revenue to support the NGO's mission.

Key Achievements:

Successful creation of a community self-help website that fosters engagement and support for the NGO's initiatives.

Integration of CRM, email marketing, and payment systems for efficient community management and fundraising.

Implementation of e-commerce capabilities to support merchandise sales and revenue generation.


The NGO's self-help website has become a central hub for community engagement, information sharing, and fundraising. The integrated CRM, email marketing, and payment systems have streamlined operations, while e-commerce functionality has expanded revenue streams to further support the NGO's mission.

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