Hilfezeit Logo Design - Elders Care Company

Our agency was tasked with creating a meaningful logo for Hilfezeit, an elder care company based in Germany. The concept behind the logo aimed to convey sentiments of love and luck, symbolized by a butterfly with a hidden heart. This visual representation was chosen to evoke feelings of care, compassion, and well-being for the elderly.

Design Concept:

  • Butterfly with Hidden Heart: The central element of the logo features a butterfly with a subtle heart shape embedded within its wings. This design choice symbolizes both the delicate nature of care (represented by the butterfly) and the deep, heartfelt commitment to the well-being of elders (represented by the hidden heart).

  • Conception of Love and Luck: The use of a butterfly and the heart hidden within it reflects the concept of love and luck. It portrays the idea that receiving care and companionship in one's elder years can bring not only comfort but also a sense of good fortune.

Key Achievements:

  • Creation of a logo that effectively communicates the core values of Hilfezeit, including love, compassion, and well-being for the elderly.

  • Symbolic use of a butterfly with a hidden heart to represent the delicate nature of care and heartfelt commitment.


The newly designed logo has become a powerful visual symbol of Hilfezeit's mission and values. It conveys the company's dedication to providing loving and caring support to elders, bringing comfort and a sense of well-being.

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