Opikunky.com Website Migration

Our agency took on the comprehensive project of migrating Opikunky.com. This project involved a series of tasks aimed at optimizing the website's performance, selecting an appropriate platform, executing a seamless migration, integrating a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, setting up IP telephony, enhancing lead generation, and integrating with advertising platforms.

Project Phases:

1. Consultation and Assessment:

  • Conducted in-depth consultations with Opikunky to understand their goals and requirements.

  • Assessed the existing website's performance and identified areas for improvement.

2. Optimization:

  • Implemented optimization strategies to improve the website's speed, user experience, and search engine rankings.

3. Platform Selection:

  • Advised Opikunky.com on selecting Svit.One - an optimal platform for their website, considering scalability and functionality requirements.

4. Smooth Migration:

  • Executed a seamless migration process to ensure minimal downtime and data loss during the transition.

5. CRM Integration:

  • Integrated a CRM system to enhance customer relationship management, lead tracking, and communication.

6. IP Telephony Setup:

  • Set up IP telephony systems to improve communication and customer support.

7. Lead Generation Enhancement:

  • Implemented strategies to enhance lead generation through the website, such as contact forms and lead capture mechanisms.

8. Integration with Advertising Platforms:

  • Integrated Opikunky.com with advertising platforms for effective online marketing and lead acquisition.

Key Achievements:

  • Successful migration of Opikunky.com with minimal disruption to the website's functionality.

  • Implementation of optimization measures that improved website performance and user experience.

  • Integration of a CRM system to enhance customer relationship management and lead tracking.

  • Setup of IP telephony for improved communication and customer support.

  • Enhancement of lead generation strategies to drive conversions.

  • Integration with advertising platforms for effective online marketing campaigns.


The migration and optimization of Opikunky.com have resulted in a website that not only performs better but also facilitates improved customer engagement and lead generation. The integration of CRM and IP telephony systems has streamlined communication and customer support processes, contributing to overall business efficiency.

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