Website Development for Svit.One Platform Partner

Our agency undertook the development of a website for our partner, leveraging the capabilities of the Svit.One platform. Svit.One is renowned for offering best-in-class business tools in one centralized location, and for this project, we harnessed the full potential of the platform. This encompassed utilizing features such as e-commerce, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), email automation, and omnichannel communication to create a powerful and feature-rich website.

Website Development Using Svit.One Platform:

  • Leveraged the Svit.One platform's robust features to design and develop a highly functional and dynamic website.

  • Used e-commerce functionalities to facilitate online transactions and product/service sales.

  • Utilized the CRM system to manage and nurture customer relationships effectively.

Key Features and Achievements:

  • E-commerce: Implemented e-commerce capabilities, enabling the partner to sell products and services seamlessly through the website.

  • CRM enabling: Integrated the CRM system to streamline customer interactions, track engagement, and enhance communication with site visitors and customers.

  • Email Automation: Utilized email automation for personalized and targeted communication, enhancing engagement and user experience.

  • Omnichannel Communication: Leveraged omnichannel communication tools to ensure consistent and effective messaging across various communication channels.


The website development project powered by the Svit.One platform has resulted in a highly functional and feature-rich website for our partner. It enables seamless e-commerce operations, efficient customer relationship management, personalized communication, and consistent omnichannel engagement.

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