Svit.One Logo Design - A Platform of Best-in-Class Business Tools

Our agency was tasked with creating a distinctive logo for Svit.One, a platform that offers a comprehensive suite of best-in-class business tools in one centralized place. The concept behind the logo was to symbolize unity, efficiency, and the convergence of various tools into a single, powerful platform.

Logo Concept:

  • Four Arrow-like Checks: The central element of the logo consists of four arrow-like checks, each represented in a different color. These checks symbolize completed tasks or work done, conveying a sense of accomplishment and efficiency.

  • Pointing to the Center: All four checks converge toward the center, signifying unity and the consolidation of diverse business tools into one cohesive platform. This visual element underscores the central theme of Svit.One — bringing together the best tools in a single location for enhanced productivity.

  • Color Palette: The choice of different colors for the arrow-like checks reflects diversity and inclusivity, highlighting the variety of tools and solutions available on Svit.One.


The newly designed logo has become a strong visual representation of Svit.One's mission and value proposition. It conveys the platform's commitment to providing users with a centralized hub for their business needs, streamlining workflows, and enhancing productivity. It symbolizes the convenience, efficiency, and diverse offerings of the platform, making it a memorable and recognizable brand mark

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